All our pieces are thoughtfully designed and evolve from a long process of creation - we are very picky (in a  good way) and we make sure each and every piece is perfect before we send it out into the world. That means, for example, constantly rethinking our material and manufacturing decisions in terms of how well the fabric will hold the test of time or how relevant the style of the piece will be in the years to come. In everything we do, we have a zero-waste goal mindset - and when it comes to design, this translates into how we design our pieces and make our patterns: we try our best to make all the pattern parts of different pieces fit together like a puzzle when being cut to dramatically reduce fabric waste. This is not always achievable, so when we do end up with leftover fabric bits, we use them for swatches or take them to an upcycling facility that grinds them back into fiber.


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