In 2018, I traveled to Asia to visit my sister in who lived in Bali at that time. During our travels in Sri Lanka, I was seeking a simple and comfortable garment that is easily adaptable to different kinds of occasions. I had the aim to create a piece that is strong and durable, easy to wear and at the same time valuable. So, I started to draw my idea and sourced a suitable natural fabric. With my sister’s support, I found a small manufactory in Canggu (Bali), where I established a transparent and fair production for the jumpsuits.    



When I brought the first 20 pieces back to Switzerland, they sold out even before I could finish my website. I decided to reorder and started the label Studio Ōsoi. Since then, I am constantly rethinking the production process and trying to find new ways to produce the clothes in an even more thoughtful way. I never intended to start a conventional fashion label. It is more a creative project, an experiment where I can explore the awareness of clothing.  




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