This collaboration is all about flourishing. Featuring abstract floral illustrations by artist Steffi Bauer on recycled-organic-cotton pieces by Studio Ōsoi. With the airbrushing technique, Steffi Bauer added a flourish to the...

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Vintage Silk Collection

In our opinion, silk is the most exquisite fabric and we adore its qualities including natural sheen, excellent drape, light weight and high absorbency. We also love that a silk...

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Precious Season

Precious Season resonates with the high quality trans-seasonal headpieces we created, as well as the treasured time we spent together while developing them. The collaboration is all about holding space...

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Versatile Collection

Clothes that feel good on your skin, encouraging movement and versatile styling, giving the wearers room to express themselves. Being aware of what materials we surround us with, we chose...

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B2B Jumpsuits

Would you like to dress your team in jumpsuits? Ideal work outfit for cafés, bakeries, spas, shops and other businesses. On the left you see the team of Gelato Scarfo in Stockholm.

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